Civitella di Romagna, heart of ancient Romanula or Romandiola

Civitella di Romagna, heart of ancient Romanula or Romandiola

… a natural border paradise…

For 20 centuries it is a border town between Romagna [ancient Romanula or Romandiola], Tuscany and initially Umbria when in 7 AD the first Roman emperor Octavian Augustus divided Italy into 11 Augustan regions.

We are in the heart of ancient Romanula, along the Valle del Bidente where until the 1920s the province of Florence arrived with the district of Tuscan Romagna.
A natural paradise of forests, cereals, vineyards, abbeys and the purest waters of Romagna.

Since ancient times, Civitella has been an important stop for those traveling in Italy and Europe on the Via Romea, the main communication route between Northern Europe and Rome, a watershed between the Gallic and Roman Empire populations, and its fortress is one of the most disputed of the Duchy and County of Giaggiolo whose Duke, chosen by the emperor, used to sit in the imperial diet.

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