Molino Boscherini

Molino Boscherini, ancient Roman factory

The Molino Boscherini was one of the most important mills in the County.
Of ancient origins dating back to the Roman Empire, it is located in the heart of ancient Romanula [ancient Romagna] on the Bidente river at the slopes of the castle of Civitella and not far from the Abbey of Sant’Ilario.

It was an important factory for processing cereals and producing flour for consumption and trade in the empire and then in the medieval Romanula.
In the seventeenth century it is still the largest mill in the diocese of Sant’Ilario and consists of an imposing building.

Today the operational headquarters of the company is located in the land of the old mill, at the foot of the town and near the confluence of the Suasia stream with the Bidente river.

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