Tenuta San Stefano

Tenuta San Stefano

…ancient Tenuta San Stefano Monte Girone…

Seat of an ancient castle with fortified circle (called « Girone ») in medieval times, today it is the seat of the refining cellars of the cereal bubbles and wines.

It was a bulwark of ancient power, elevated since the Roman times to the defense against the barbarian hordes that descended from the north of Europe to plunder the beautiful districts of Italy.

In 1276 it was a battleground between the Guelphs and the Ghibellines in the so-called battle of Civitella with which the counts of Giaggiolo lost the castle of Civitella in favor of the Manfredi of Faenza, then of the Malatesti and, after various vicissitudes, of Napoleone Orsini and the Venetians of the Duke of Urbino.

For centuries, the lands and churches of the Tenuta San Stefano del Monte Girone were owned by the powerful Abbey of Sant’Ilario and then, from the Renaissance, by the Priory of the friars of Suasia who cultivated the hill with cereals and grapes.

The monks used to wait with joy for the cereals and grapes coming from the estate because they gave so sweet and elegant drinks to be kept for a long time, reserving them for high dignitaries, nobles and important ceremonies.

The cereals that were harvested on the estate used to be processed at the Molino Boscherini, also home to the company.

Today a part of the estate is cultivated with cereals and vines but also with vegetables and fruit trees such as almond, cherry, apple, plum, orange trees and spices.
It is also a hunting and repopulation reserve for native fauna and flora such as birds of prey, deer, hares, birds, butterflies, other animals and plants like pines, firs, limes.

The view to the horizon on clear days reaches the Adriatic Sea.
The south-west exposure leads to strong diurnal temperature changes which, combined with the specific composition of the soil and the cool damp breeze coming from the Suasia stream, they create a particular and unique microclimate for the cultivation and maturation of cereals and grapes, and for the refinement of these surprising wines.

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