The Star, inspiring identity

The Star, inspiring identity


… golden light, admirable essence …

It is a local symbol of the Mater Admirabilis, from the painting of the Virgin of Suasia [attributed to the Renaissance painter Beato Angelico], and of the water of the homonymous stream located at the slopes of Tenuta Santo Stefano Monte Girone and flowing into the Bidente river near the Molino Boscherini seat.

The pure waters of the Suasia stream were the ancient border between the State of the Church and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and take their name from a medieval castle “Castrum Soassae or Soasiae” of Gallic origin, sold in 1250 by a drudo to the powerful Abbey of Sant’Ilario.

The Star is the inspiring icon of the identity essence of the path of this effervescent wine: from the imaginary male context of beers to the maturation towards the feminine cereal wine, natural, fine, elegant, accomplished through the rediscovery of cereal wine from the ancient Roman Empire.

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