native fruity barley bubble


équilibre de la maturité


Luminosité orangée intensément ambrée.
Élégant cordon mousseau magnifique.
Petite bulle brillante.


Nez intense, crémeux.
On sent bien la douceur fruitée des agrumes, de miel de tilleul et d’oranger, de brioche.
Les fruits secs (abricot/raisin sec/figue/dattes).
Une claire note épicée. On dirait coriandre et cannelle.


Mise en bouche tout en douceur, légèrement citronnée, fraîche.
La bouche est crémeuse et exotique, nuances d’épices, cannelle et girofle.
Exceptionnelle longueur en finale





Legacy Cuvée
native abbey dubble beer in prosecco style


native fruity barley bubble

amber gold color

refreshment, aperitif, matchings

aromatic, fruity, euphoric

surprising, balanced, round to taste thanks to its components

following the “Canone Augusto” method or “Regula Romanula”, we have added elegance and form to a very particular production process that was born over a thousand years ago from an ancient family recipe and that observes ancient European traditions, such as the Roman practices, the customs of Tuscan Romagna, the abbey style, the champenoise method.

Our production method “Canone Augusto” develops a series of consecutive moments corresponding to specific phases of the evolution of our wines, from fermentation of cuvées, to rest times, to maturation and to aging

0,750L   Alc.6,3%   Vol.plato 14


Easy Tastings

Ideal with:

~ octopus carpaccio, smoked salmon, tuna or swordfish carpaccio, Sicilian anchovies
~ soft goat cheese or fromage de chèvre, parmigiano reggiano “red cows” also with orange or onion sauce
~ fresh or medium-aged cold cuts, fresh sausage and salami
~ bruschetta, crumbly Italian bread, pâté canapés or chicken livers
~ olives, vegetable appetizers, appetizers

Main Courses

Sublime with:

~ crustaceans, fish soup, anchovy fillet, smoked or salted fish
~ tomato-based seafood dishes, mussels or clams sauté, grilled fish
~ grilled white meat, chicken and quail cooked with PEELPIE cereal wines
~ fried vegetables, cooked vegetables, ratatuille
~ goat’s or pecorino cheeses, aged or medium-aged cheeses, Parmesan cheese
~ medium-aged cured meats, Tuscan or Romagna cured ham


all year round, from September to August

for refreshment, in aperitif, matchings and in cocktail

serve in ice-basket or 4-6 ° C


ORIGINALÌS presents the style of our bubbles with fine simplicity, offering the realization of the original recipe of the founder.

This ancient barley wine is the result of a particular production process that allows an excellent result and shapes the essence of our cereal wines: versatile, feminine and completely natural.

The Milanese creativity and design add elegance and form to a preparation, called the “Codex of Sigizo” in the family version, handed down from the 9th century.

Starting from this ancient family recipe inherited from an ancestor named Severo who lived in 900, the founder was inspired by the Benedictine style of high fermentation productions typical of abbey which was then transformed through the implementation of a proprietary production method which observes the typical Roman practices, the ancient customs of Tuscan Romagna and also the champenoise method.

This particular production method, called «Canone Augusto» or « Regula Romanula », regulates a series of consecutive moments corresponding to specific phases of the evolution of our cereal wines:
fermentatio originis, the first fermentation according to the canons of the most ancient Roman and Benedictine tradition, which varies according to a series of factors
repausa brevis, then a fixed rest time for each of our labels
liquor dulcis panem, followed by a third moment when our secret mistella is added to each bottle
repausa mesura, this is followed by a period of maturation
spicæ perfectio, and by operations of manual refining and on yeasts inspired also to those typical of great champagnes


Legacy Cuvée

aromatic, fruity, euphoric
fruity and sweet cereal notes

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