from the Latin VINUM

from VENAS [ancient Sanskrit] = lovable, delicious, pleasant
or VENIA = to love, to desire, to honor
and IUN [ancient Armenian] = to make effervescence


“If you find my loved one
what will you tell him?
that I am sick of love!

or beautiful among women,
we will make for you gold pendants,
with silver grains

his fruit is sweet to my palate
he introduced me to the wine cell
and his banner on me is love

let me hear your voice,
because your voice is sweet,
your face is graceful 

her head is gold, pure gold
your belly is a heap of wheat,
surrounded by lilies

how sweet your caresses are,
how much more delicious than your wine your caresses are
the smell of your perfumes surpasses all the aromas

nard and saffron, cinnamon and cinnamòmo
with all kinds of incense trees;
myrrh and aloe

you stole my heart
with just one glance of yours,
with a single pearl of your necklace! ”

Cantico dei Cantici

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