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“ I come from the heart of Romagna, border land with Tuscany, an historical cultural region known for millennia for cereals, grapes and abbeys.
For us grape wine and barley wine are emblematic expressions of the same history ”



tradition since 955 AD




Oscar Severi was born in 1976 in Romagna which had been a borderland between the State of the Church and the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

Since ancient times this land has produced cereals and grapes for Rome and the Roman Empire and provided the purest water, wood and artifacts for the empire capital Ravenna, Europe and the East.
In Civitella di Romagna, the historical border between the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and the State of the Church, it is natural to come into contact with both worlds of vine and grain cultivation.

Thanks to his studies, Oscar begins a journey that from Cesena will arrive in Milan, then in Paris and finally in Chicago.
And it is in the United States that Oscar’s personality is marked by a series of experiences typical of the entrepreneurial spirit of the Midwest, from the Jazz & Blues of Chicago and its typical streets where surprising raw beers are combined with new friendships, culture and music .

From Chicago to Paris, Oscar chooses to settle in avenue George V and immerses himself in French culture, coming into contact with the world of French wine.
Here he falls in love with French viticulture, in particular with wines from Bordeaux first, then Champagne and Burgundy.

In Italy, together with the Italian Sommelier Association, he becomes Sommelier, Official Taster and holds the position of head of institutional relations.
He deepens the study of wine and of the production of bubbles.

At the same time, Oscar decides to meet Franco Re, founder and rector of the University of Beer to deepen his knowledge of grain spirits, then obtains the diplomas of Publican and Maître Cervoisier.
The meeting and friendship with Franco Re will be decisive in the subsequent history of cereal wines.

“I had a goal in mind, to be able to create a bubble made from cereal with better characteristics than the top Champagne wines … elegant, natural, versatile”.
Oscar wants to recreate the brewing product of the origins, using the ancient family recipe for a light, elegant, fine, natural cereal wine.

This is how Oscar describes the wine to Jean-Pierre Rous in Monaco and to Luca Gardini in Milan:
“We were able to distil a sublime, elegant, refined cereal wine … creating a light, natural, versatile bubble from a cereal must, instead of a grape must”.

The challenge becomes that of using a cereal must, applying the vinification according to the “Augustus method” and of including the millenary traditions of ancient Rome and Tuscan Romagna.


Legacy Cuvée

Cereal Wine #1


After a long experimentation, Oscar creates the first domus label, PEELPIE, in 2012.

Oscar uses an ancient family recipe, called the “Sigizo Code” handed down for more than a thousand years.

At the same time he worked on the development of the “Canone Augusto” or “Regula Romanula” production method which will see developments in the following years.

October 6, 2011 marks the foundation of the “Domus” of the Maison Vitantica.
On November 8, 2012 Vitantica launches the first domus label and the start of marketing of cereal wines.
With the launch of the PEELPIE label, with fruity hints of orange peel [PEEL] and cereal cake [PIE].

Since 2017, the PEELPIE label has become ORIGINALIS, Legacy Cuvée, as a memory of the first bottle created in 2011.


Ancient Cuvée

Cereal Wine #2


With each production, a series of bottles were left to mature in the Affinage Cave of the San Stefano Monte Girone Estate in Civitella di Romagna, the place of origin of the domus.

As it matured over time, the bubbles of this cereal wine improved, acquiring unexpected hints and taste characteristics.

At the invitation of customers and friends, Oscar continues to test new developments of the “Augustus” production method and introduces ancient practices dating back to the early centuries of the Roman Empire together with millenary local traditions that have now become rare.

In 2016 SOÀSIA, Ancient Cuvée, the first bottle of Augusto method bubbles was born.
Presented in Montecarlo to Jean Pierre Rous and Luca Gardini.
It is then subjected to the evaluation of starred chefs, operators in the horeca sector and distribution both in Italy and abroad.
To be included in the wine list in the “Wines & Bubbles” section.


Juvenis Cuvée

Cereal Wine #3


Thanks to the developments achieved, Oscar decides to undertake the challenge of creating a gluten-free cereal wine to satisfy the requests of the most sensitive people.

The ancient recipe “Codice del Sigizo” together with the “Augusto” method lead to the creation of an amazing cereal wine made from buckwheat.

In 2017 ALAÌS, Juvenis Cuvée, the first label with three EU certifications is presented: gluten-free, vegan, organic-bio.
ALAÌS is also subjected to evalutaion by starred chefs and operators in the catering, hotel and distribution sectors.
The product is amazing.


Thus was born the range of the Domus Vitantica of three labels: SOÀSIA, ALAÌS together with the original PEELPIE renamed ORIGINALÌS.
The brand wears the new golden star icon, taken from the local painting of the Virgin of Suasia by the school of Beato Angelico.

Suasia is also the name of the homonymous stream located on the slopes of the Tenuta San Stefano Monte Girone and of the Molino Boscherini headquarters in Civitella di Romagna, originally Castrum Soasiae, that is, Castello di Soasia.

As it ages, our cereal bubble improves and refines, transforming work and time into virtue, and giving our labels peculiar characteristics



fruity, round, aromatic fragrances

bubble with round, soft, sweet scents with fresh or aromatic fragrances

with fruity notes of cereals and baked desserts, yeast and bread crust of spiced honey, of fresh or sweet spices, dried fruits and ethereal fruits

sweetness is a peculiarity of our cereal wine, this identity characteristic comes from an ancient family recipe called “Codice del Sigizo”, from the particular production process “Canone Augusto” or “Regula Romanula” and from the long time of maturation, passages that make it elegantly harmonious and balanced



a riot of elegant, fine and persistent bubbles

sparkling, effervescent, lively identity with a strong sensation of freshness, lightness and refinement

a very fine, persistent and elegant bubble and foam able to confer brilliance, brightness and exciting colors

effervescence is a particularity of our bubble this identity characteristic comes from a high level of carbon dioxide, which naturally develops in the long production process, « prise de mousse » and manual refinement



integrally natural

or our bubble there can not be anything better than the naturalness that is found in the fragrant, fresh, crisp taste

our bubble is alive and continues to improve over time in a natural way thanks to the work of nature and yeast allowing the development of a wide and unusual bouquet with soft and round tones

naturalness is a peculiarity of our bubble, respect for nature’s work and its equilibrium gives us authentic hints, wellbeing and serenity

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